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Genomförda studentprojekt


Revision and mortality in patients with proximal humerus fracture treated with reverse or hemi shoulder replacement-a register based follow up. Niklas Kölerud


Swedish shoulder arthroplasty registry: implant survival, readmission and mortality in primary shoulder replacement for glenohumeral arthritis. Johan Hammarberg


Outcome after shoulder arthroplasty treatment for avascular necrosis. Albin Forsslund




Rotator cuff status in relation to outcome after treatment with shoulder arthroplasty for osteoarthritis. An analysis from the Swedish Shoulder Arthroplasty Registry. Ivan Dahlbäck


Reverse shoulder arthroplasty or shoulder hemiarthroplasty in shoulders with cuff tear arthropathy, a study from the Swedish shoulder registry. Daniel Söderberg


Hemiarthroplasty versus reverse total shoulder arthroplasty in proximal humerus fractures. Abhishek Anand


Patient outcome after proximal humeral fracture treated with arthroplasty, comparison of early and late surgical treatment from the Swedish Shoulder Arthroplasty Registry. Linda Boström


Comparison of uncemented stemmed total shoulder arthroplasty and metaphyseal total shoulder arthroplasty in glenohumeral arthrosis patients – a register-based follow-up. Jesper Edström


Comparison of total shoulder arthroplasty and hemi shoulder arthroplasty in patients with glenohumeral osteoarthritis – a register-based follow-up. Aysha Sharif




Reports of preoperative radiographic imaging, a surgeon’s competence level, and prophylactic antibiotic regimes in shoulder arthroplasties performed in Sweden. Carl Lundquist




Implant survival for elective elbow arthroplasty, a study from the Swedish Elbow Arthroplasty Register. Louise Hedenstedt




Validation of the Swedish shoulder register and an analysis of post-surgical complications. A study of the reported re-operations within the register. Sebastian Samuelsson


Validation of data within the Swedish Shoulder register and incidence of common and serious complications. A register study on primary shoulder arthroplasties. Martin Östholm




Revision after shoulder arthroplasty – a register study. Nils Steineck


Reported revisions after elective shoulder arthroplasty, A Swedish Shoulder Arthroplasty Register analysis. Eva Kesek




Validation of the Swedish translation of Western Ontario Osteoarthritis of the shoulder index. Hannes Heins




Preoperative delay of treatment with hemiarthroplasty for proximal humerus fractures: an analysis of patient reported outcome measurements. Alma Vuorinen 


Western Ontario Osteoarthritis of the Shoulder index (WOOS) as outcome Measurement of hemiarthroplasty after a proximal humerus fracture – a validation study. Hanna Sjöberg